Med Revue is a medical student variety show at the University of Queensland put on by the UQ Medical Society (UQMS), that normally has in the order of 250 students involved. Students from all four years of med come together to create a hilarious comedy that is jam packed with puns, parodies, and Professor Parker’s pecs.
Medical students act, sing, dance, write, direct, play instruments, make props, design costumes, do hair and make-up and most of the tech for the show making it a truly home grown production!
As the biggest event on the UQMS calendar, the show runs 3 sold-out nights. In 2017, the dates will be August 13-15th, so mark it in your calendar!
Your 2017 Convenors (L-R): Joel Russell, Ailsa Lee, Will Saunders, Jess Monteiro and Chris Strom
If you see us out in the wild, feel free to say hey! We probably won’t be as well dressed as in the photo above. We are so excited to work with you for this year’s production!
Any enquiries please contact us at medrevue@uqms.org